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School of Applied Arts

Art is all around us. Applied Arts is the study of beautification of objects which are used on daily basis, integrating design with functionality. Artist plays a vital role to make arts appealing and attractive for others. An applied art is any art applied to design or decoration of an object.

Why Study with Us?

The School of Applied Arts at University Of Greatwood educates students to develop better functional design and aesthetically develop objects daily use. Our aim is to encourage and inspire students to experiment, innovate and creatively design aesthetically meaningful objects for daily use.

  • Our students develop highly developed technical skills to craft the best designs
  • Our faculty instills intellectual skills to think creatively and innovatively
  • We provide students the opportunity to develop specialized practitioner skills
  • Students learn new approaches to practice design expressions and use visualizations

MAJORS IN Applied Arts

  • Interior Design
  • Visual Communication



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