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ACADEMICS AT University Of Greatwood

Greatwood has tremendous breadth and depth in academics, with numerous undergraduate and graduate professional programs. On the strength of our pre-eminent faculty, many academic programs are ranked among the best in the world. This emphasis on online academic excellence has built Greatwood' reputation as one of the world's premier universities. The university has an outstanding reputation for student success, teaching, research and innovation. Rigorous coursework, hands-on opportunities, leadership positions, and global experiences prepare students for the world. With dedicated, award-winning faculty members committed to helping students pursue their path of learning. Programs of study include undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, online and continuing education classes.



  • Education is one of the most powerful fields to bring change in the modern world.

  • The world of business is rapidly changing & evolving with the changes in internal and external environment.

  • Social sciences deal with the institutions and activities of human in a society and their relationship with other members.

  • The School of Law is designed to educate professionals with broad range of skills.

  • An interdisciplinary field which focuses on the study of legal systems, processes and treatment of criminals.

  • Helping you learn more about human nature, mind and behavior by offering a unique online learning environment.

  • Learn the art of applying mathematical data, scientific knowledge, experience and judgment to develop sustainable solutions.

  • Gain knowledge of different aspects of computing, programming, informatics and data interpreting.

  • Health Sciences is concerned with the study of human well being, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Helping develop better functional design and aesthetically develop objects daily use.

  • Provides young minds an excellent opportunity to engage in creativity, passion and educational excellence in the pertinent field.

  • Learn about power, public policies and political processes, systems and historical political concepts.

  • Prepares students to foster safe work environment, control accidents and establish a safety guideline.

  • Designed to challenge the minds of students and prepare for the 21st century healthcare challenges.

  • Aims at developing professionals who are ready to promote the welfare of others and protect the society from vulnerable people.

  • Study the biology of nature, making continuous new discoveries between the interfaces.


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