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Greatwood Advantage

As a student at Greatwood, you are our top priority. The enriching experiences of our online education platform, are essential to your success. Whether you're an undergraduate, graduate or professional student, we strive to provide you with a safe, inclusive, enjoyable environment that enhances your education. We do everything we can to make your time at Greatwood a well-rounded and satisfying experience.

Greatwood Making a Difference

  • Degrees that will enhance your transition out of university and into a career of your choice.

  • Working professionals in your field can be the best teachers for your future career. We pair you with a leading employer in your area of study.

  • You'll earn credit for your degree while developing your industry capabilities to the fullest.

  • You’ll finish knowing you have the professional experience you need to become professionally accredited for the career you want.

  • Individuals representing University Of Greatwood student groups are encouraged to apply for financial support.

  • Our courses are flexible to suit your lifestyle. Study your degree in either full-time or part-time mode, depending on your chosen course.

Your Dreams

Every step forward begins with an idea. When you take the next step with an advanced degree from University Of Greatwood, you're turning thought into action and ideas into impact.

Greatwood Career Services

We are committed to providing a welcoming, enriching and enjoyable environment for our undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Some students start their studies with a specific career goal in mind. Some have a vague idea of the field that interests them. And others haven’t yet begun to explore the endless possibilities. Whatever category describes you, Greatwood’s Office of Career Services is here to help you plan your next step.

    • Resumes and cover letters
    • Interview preparation
    • Job boards
    • Networking
    • Career exploration
  • New Deals, Benefits, Features and Services to help you succeed beyond graduation

  • Career Services professionals offer job-placement assistance to every student and graduate.

Greatwood Career Services

Almost every university in the world has its own education management system. But none of them are geared to be receptive to student/faculty needs. All these EMS are based on a standard platform which is obtained from the market. We at University Of Greatwood decided to try something new, using state of the art technologies and our in-house resource of engineers we created a revolutionary custom made system the Unimatrix which is designed to cater to all possible needs and be a self-improving system which will involve with our students.
Some Salient Features of UMS are:

  • #1

    Ranking in 20-year student return on investment (ROI)

  • 90%

    2015 graduates* employed or accepted into graduate professional programs

  • #2

    In the world for alumni reporting high pay scales

  • 98%

    Employers say that GWU graduates meet or exceed expectations

  • 92%

    Employers rated GWU graduates’ job performance as very good or excellent

  • 94%

    rated the “soft skills” of GWU graduates as equal to or better than graduates from other institutions.

  • 87%

    employers said GWU graduates exceed expectations

  • Gold

    Our University obtained the gold status in the educational excellence award 2014.

  • 95%

    Our close links with industry and innovative project-based teaching pay off.

  • 94%

    The current National Student Survey (NSS) data confirm that 94% of students are satisfied

  • $68000

    According to NSS the median salary of Greatwood graduates six month after graduation is $68000

  • 5th Rank

    NSS uses different
    metrics to assign an average
    rank to a university. Our
    university ranked 5th best
    online university


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