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Greatwood Scholarship Program

Greatwood's Presidential Scholarship program is handled by an expert team which comprises of deans from all major schools at Greatwood. One of the major responsibilities of the board members is to maintain smooth and credible awarding of Presidential Scholarship to students every year. This Presidential Scholarship is given away to eligible and talented online students on the basis of academic merit.

Presidential Scholarships

Greatwood offers every student the excellent opportunity to qualify for its Presidential Scholarships. The Presidential Scholarship is an institution funded program that recognizes the academic achievements of distinguished students offering them awards and grants to pursue higher education. Applicants for the Presidential Scholarship program are evaluated on a broad review of academic achievements and objectives. The Presidential program offers complete financial freedom to assist the student for all coursework alongside external research if the need arises. The program has helped many individuals reach new career heights and continues to the commitment of Greatwood to offer the best to its students

Available Scholarships for New Students

  • Breakthrough in HR Scholarship

    For HR professionals who wish to advance their careers and earn a bachelor's or masters in an HR-centered degree program.

  • IT Transfer Scholarship

    For former IT students who wish to continue to pursue their higher education through a degree program at Greatwood.

  • New Student Scholarship

    For new students entering any one of the more than 60 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs offered at Greatwood.

  • Greatwood Alumni Master's Scholarship

    For Greatwood alumnus who are interested in pursuing a master's degree.

  • Excellence in Health Information Scholarship

    For experienced IT or healthcare professionals who wish to attend college online to move into the high-demand field of health information management.

  • Greatwood Future of IT Scholarship

    For IT pros who are ready to bump their careers up a notch with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Greatwood.


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